Green Deal Assessments

A Green Deal Assessment results in the production of a Green Deal Advice Report which consists of both an EPC and an Occupancy Assessment.  An Occupancy Assessment is designed to help you compare how much your actual fuel bills over 12 months will be reduced by the installation of energy saving measures – rather than looking at savings based on hypothetical energy use stated on an EPC.

A Green Deal Assessment is required in order to access:

  • A loan to help meet the cost of installing energy efficiency measures via a Green Deal Provider
  • Green Deal Cashback
  • The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

Sandra is a Green Deal Assessor working through the GDAA, an accredited Green Deal Advice Organisation (GDAO).  Sandra prides herself in being able to offer comprehensive advice in this area.  A Green Deal Assessment from her is about more than leaving you with the right paperwork – it’s also about helping you to:

  • Understand the rules of these various Government incentive schemes
  • Make informed choices about the most appropriate energy efficient improvements for your home
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Find local installers